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Frequently Asked Questions

Auction Types

Jewelry Television® and JTVauctions.comSM uses two types of auctions: Reserve Price Auctions and No-Reserve Auctions. These auctions may have varying durations.

  1. Reserve Price Auctions - A reserve price is the lowest possible selling price.
    • Reserves are communicated as the minimum starting bid.
    • To win the auction, a bidder must meet or exceed the starting bid (reserve price) and have the highest bid.
    • If no bidders meet the reserve price, Jewelry Television® is not obligated to sell the item.
  2. No Reserve Auctions - The lowest acceptable selling price for a no reserve auction is the opening bid, often $1! If only one person bids, that person wins the auction at their opening bid!

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How Do I Get Started?

  1. Go to Bookmark this page or save to your favorites list for easy accessibility.

  2. Register! Before you can bid and win, you’ll need to be a registered user. If this is your first time bidding, you will be asked to complete a simple registration form and provide a credit card for billing purposes. (Please note: Once entered, bids cannot be cancelled.) You must be a registered customer with a credit card on file to participate in auctions.

  3. Choose the type of auction you're interested in. You may select from many options, including "Ending Soon,", "Just Listed,", “Lowest Bid,” etc. or choose from the list in the left navigation bar.

  4. Click on the product of interest to view its product description. From this page, you can learn product details, current or starting bid, auction closing date, bid history, etc, as well as place your own bid.

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Bidding Methods

In any auction, you can place a bid two different ways, which offers the participant maximum flexibility and participation options:

  1. Max Bidding. Otherwise known as “proxy bidding”, the most popular bidding method is the “Max bid using auto bidder” option, because it allows you to participate in multiple auctions at once, without having to constantly monitor them. The autobidder does the work for you!
    • Enter the maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item from the "Your Bid" dropdown box.
    • Then select the "Max bid using auto bidder" button and click on the "bid" button.
    The auto bidder system will automatically increase your current bid to keep your winning status, using the smallest increment possible, until you win the auction or your maximum amount is reached. Your maximum bid amount is kept secret from other bidders.

    If you’d like to receive an email notification if the bidding on an item goes over your maximum bid, please select “I want to be notified when my bid is exceeded” before placing your bid.

    Note: Sometimes bid histories will appear in out-of-date-order. This is because bids resulting from use of max bids will show the date and time that the max bid was placed, not subsequent autobids.

  2. Normal Bidding. To place a regular, single bid, choose the amount you want to bid from the "Your Bid" dropdown box, and click on the “bid amount” button. Click on the “bid” button, and your current bid is immediately the full bid amount you entered. If you use normal bidding, you will need to check on the status of your auction often.

    If you’d like to receive an email notification if the bidding on an item goes over your bid, please select “I want to be notified when my bid is exceeded” before placing your bid.

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Why Do I Get Messages Immediately Telling Me I've Been Outbid?

This just means that the current high bidder's maximum bid is higher than your bid. For example, let's say you place a $50 maximum bid and another bidder places an earlier $55 maximum bid. In this case, you are immediately outbid because your bid of $50 is not high enough to beat the earlier maximum bid of $55. Keep in mind that the Jewelry Television® autobidder will bid up to, but not over your maximum bid to keep your winning status. However, to avoid being outbid and win the auction, you must have the highest maximum bid.

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Why doesn't the high bid increase when I raise my Maximum bid?

If you are the high bidder, your current bid will increase only if there is another bidder competing for the item. Remember, Jewelry Television® bids only as much as needed. In this way, you don't pay more than you have to if you win.

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How Do I Update My Bids?

Select the “My Bid History” button from the homepage and sign in. You may also sign in to My Account and select “Bid History” under "My Auctions.” Find the item you would like to bid on and select that item’s "bid" button. Please note that we are unable to update, edit, remove, or otherwise alter any bid. We also cannot place bids on your behalf. The bid history page is designed to show the past 30 days of bid and order history.

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How Do I Know If My Bid Is Current?

You will be notified by email alert if your bid has been exceeded by checking the box on the bidding page that says "I want to be notified when my bid is exceeded". This email will include a link to return to the auction item.

To ensure receipt of these alerts, please add "" to your email program's address book, or to your list of acceptable email senders ("safe senders" or "white list"), or you risk missing a notification that may be filtered to your spam folder. Please note, this is an automated process, and this address does not accept incoming email.

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Can I cancel a bid?

Please understand that we cannot in good faith cancel bids. When bidding on an item, be aware that you are committing to the purchase of that item. This assures that every bidder will have a fair chance to win. We are unable to update, edit, remove, or otherwise alter any bid. We also cannot place bids on your behalf. Also, once you submit a Maximum Bid, you may not decrease it.

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How Do I Know If I Won An Auction?

After an auction closes, an e-mail notification is sent to the winning bidder (unless you have opted out of notifications), and it will include details of your winning bid. If you are the winning bidder, the item will also be listed in your bid history. To check your bid history, click on the “My Bid History” button from the homepage.

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What Do I Do After I Win An Auction?

Nothing! Enjoy your victory! When you registered to participate in online auctions, you entered your credit card information, shipping address, and all other necessary information. When you win, we will automatically charge the card we have on file and ship the item to you. Make sure you keep your shipping information and card information current!

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What if I have a Bidding Problem?

Please first review this help page. If you are still having a problem trying to bid, please contact our Customer Experience Team at (800) 550-8393 from 8am to 11pm, eastern time, Monday through Friday, or email us at Please have the auction number and the item number available. We will do everything possible to assist you when you are having technical difficulties. Please note that for your protection, JTV Auctions’ representatives are not permitted to place or cancel bids for customers.

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Why are there multiple bids for the same amount?

This situation occurs when a maximum bid has been entered and a subsequent bid (bid amount or maximum bid) is entered that matches the original maximum bid exactly. All bid times are recorded by our auction server to the hundredth of a second. At the close of the auction, the server sorts all of the bids by price and then by the time they were entered. The first high bid to reach the server is the winning bid.

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What are your shipping charges?

Domestic shipping charges are $6.99 per item. In cases where you win multiple items that close at the exact same time, the first item will be charged $6.99, and additional items will be charged $3.99.

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What payment methods can I use?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Please note that our auction site is not capable of accepting PayPal, BillMeLater, Prepaid cards or other methods of payment at this time.

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What is your return policy for auction items?

As our valued customer and gem and jewelry lover, we want you to be delighted with your purchase. You can bid with confidence, knowing that our auction items are backed with a money-back guarantee. If your winning item is not as described, we will refund the purchase price. Please understand that JTV auctions offer limited quantity items and often one-of-a-kind merchandise at substantial savings to you. In order to pass these deals on to you, some restrictions apply:

    • We ask that any returns be made within 30 days of the shipping date.
    • Returns received after 30 days will not be accepted.
    • Shipping is non-refundable.
    • Items that have been re-sized or altered in any way will not be accepted.
    • All items must be returned in the original condition and packaging, and must include the invoice/packing slip.
    • Please DO NOT remove the tag on the item. Once the tag is removed, we assume you are happy with the item and cannot accept the item for a return.
    • Excessive, incomplete or costly return patterns may result in termination of purchasing privileges.

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Scratch & Dent or refurbished merchandise:

All Scratch and Dent items are advertised as "non-returnable." The defect in the merchandise is clearly advertised. If the item's defect is greater than advertised, we will allow you to return the item, but the Customer Experience Team must verbally authorize returns on all Scratch and Dent items. If you want to return a Scratch and Dent item, you must contact us at (800) 550-8393.

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How do I return merchandise?

Please follow the instructions as listed on your invoice/packing slip. Please provide detailed reasons for your return. We cannot be responsible for shipping and proof of delivery on returns; therefore, for your protection, we strongly suggest that you fully insure the package you are returning and use a traceable method of shipping (this includes a tracking number so that you can provide proof of delivery if necessary). If a problem occurs and you cannot provide proof of delivery for your return, you will not receive credit for that return. After a return is received, an email notification is sent to the email address on file (to change email see My Account). The return will also be listed beneath the original order number in your order history. To check your order history, sign in at My Account and select "GO" under Order History. After we receive your return, we will begin the refund process. Please allow up to 14 business days to receive your refund.

Note: this process is also used for pre-owned merchandise.

After the transaction is finalized from Jewelry Television® to your financial institution, the financial institution must post it to your account. Generally, this is processed within seven business days. Depending on their policies, posting may take up to thirty (30) days from the date we returned it to your financial institution. Jewelry Television® is not responsible for the posting policies of your financial institution. If you have questions, contact your financial institution directly.

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Refused or undeliverable packages

Packages that are undeliverable or refused by the customer and returned to JTV Auctions will automatically be assessed with a 25% restocking fee once the package is received.

For any questions or comments please email us at, or call our Customer Experience Team at (800) 550-8393.

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How is time displayed for auctions on auction times and promotional schedules are shown using eastern time.

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What are your system outage and scheduled downtime policies?

Jewelry Television® makes every effort to ensure system availability for its customers, but may occasionally experience system outages during which bidders cannot place bids.

If no bidders can place bids as a result of unscheduled system downtime for more than 2 hours, any auction scheduled to close within 24 hours (of the beginning outage time) may be extended for 24 hours, or may be cancelled at our discretion.

If the downtime exceeds 24 hours, auctions scheduled to close during downtime may be cancelled, or close 24 hours after coming back online. Also, auctions scheduled to close in the 24 hour period after coming back online may be extended an additional 24 hours.

Jewelry Television® reserves the right to close an auction prior to, or extend it beyond, the posted closing time. This may be done at our discretion and without warning. Listings that end prior to an outage will not be extended.

Jewelry Television® periodically schedules routine system maintenance and other purposes. These events rarely cause actual system downtime, but short down periods can happen occasionally. Jewelry Television® will make every effort to avoid scheduling auction closings during scheduled downtimes. However, auctions closing during scheduled downtime will not be extended.

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